Shiatsu Bodywork

5 elements

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of therapeutic bodywork, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a system of holistic healthcare that is thousands of years old and views every aspect of an individual as connected.

Shiatsu has been known to assist with many aspects of life, such as sleeping, digestion, breathing, skin care, reproductive health, circulation of blood and lymph, organ function, as well as mental clarity, emotional processing, and spiritual enhancement. Shiatsu finds results in these many health benefits because a session works to:

  • Renew energy and balance disharmony
  • Assist the body’s immune system and the body’s innate self-healing processes
  • Reduce pain and tension in the body and mind

What to expect

A traditional shiatsu session is on a futon on the floor, fully-clothed and without oils.The practitioner moves about the client, using their own weight to therapeutically apply pressure and stretch the client’s body. A typical session includes mostly acupressure, stretching, rocking, and various massage techniques performed through the clients clothing.

shiatsu bNw photo

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